IT consulting

Application development

Application Development generally encompasses the development of new applications, including mainframe, server, network-based, web-based, or a combination. The requirements for new applications may include interfaces to existing applications. We develop custom IT Applications.


Application maintenance

Application maintenance and support include the skills and requirements needed for supporting application systems, such as troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining, and enhancing legacy systems and applications running in a production environment. There are many activities that we can perform on behalf of its clients within the maintenance, and support category.

Quality assurance testing

Software testing is essential to uncovering defects as well as errors that aren’t recognized during software development. Testing is also necessary to determine whether the software or application is producing the correct output. We offer both manual and automated testing services depending on what you need.


Help desk services

Assistian takes a unique approach to Help Desk/Service Desk solutions. For the clients we serve in this capacity, we have created customized onsite/off-site and offshore combinations. Based on our experience, we are able to create “boutique” help desks that completely meet the needs of our clients.

IT Outsourcing

Assistian in Hyderabad has always been about finding the best IT talent available and matching them up with the needs of our clients. Taking a list of talent specifications and comparing them to the stated skills on a resume can be done by virtually anyone.


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