Business Process Consulting

Intelligent Automation / Hyperautomation

Explore what we can do in the space of Intelligent automation for your use case. Intelligent Automation sometimes referred to as Hyperautomation, is a blanket term that encapsulates each of the major areas of enterprise software automation: Intelligent Document Capture / OCR, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Signatures, and Digital Lifecycle Management. It also includes areas of collaboration that are found on large enterprise ECM, Document Management, and Project Management. We help our customers leverage best-in-class platforms, design proper solution architectures, and bring solutions to life in unprecedented timeframes.


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation is a powerful tool that performs manual, time-consuming, and rules-based office tasks more efficiently by reducing turnaround time and at lower costs than most automation solutions. We offer comprehensive intelligent automation advisory and implementation services for organizations looking to establish an automation strategy, implement scalable solutions, and maximize the performance of ongoing automation initiatives. Our vast experience with proven methodologies in this field allows us to offer unique perspectives to our clients and often leads to process optimization and execution excellence. **Benefits of RPA** Increased Productivity Increased Efficiency Enhanced Accuracy Increased Security Boost in Scalability Opportunities Improved Analytics Enhanced Customer Service Non-disruptive Optimized Resource Use Automated Responses & Triggers

Process Excellence consulting

Our Six Sigma consultants have successfully integrated traditional lean methodologies with a robust set of digital capabilities to transform your operations. Our strategy and consulting services are the first steps toward transforming your operations and improving your business efficiency. We start with a process-centric approach when designing solutions with our customers. We make sure we understand the current performance; outcomes we’re targeting and then we design solutions that achieve those outcomes. We work with your SMEs to find opportunities for improvement across operational areas; often designing improvement to processes while designing automation solutions. From initial performance analysis and process design, all the way through application implementation, we don’t just build your next-generation business apps, we also share the insights and strategies you need to make your software and services an ongoing success. Our core focus is on incremental improvements and achieving the next level of sustainable performance and productivity gains.



In today’s digitally disrupted market, where traditional revenue sources are becoming more elusive, sustainable growth requires a new operating model one that's anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes. An operating model that harnesses new and innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and quant um computing to continually push the boundaries of today’s processes and business models. Assistian Operations makes this possible through our human-machine operating platforms, which synthesizes the optimal blend of people, processes, and technology to help clients rewire their organizations with a new, more connected operating model one that creates hyper-relevant customer experiences, heightens collaboration among both internal groups and external partners to drive successful and sustainable growth.

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