Data Engineering and Analytics

Problem/Objective-based metric recommendation

We recommend metrics to be tracked based on your business objectives. We map metrics from Level 1 (high) to Level 3 (low) to ensure that deep-dive from high-level metrics can be done efficiently.


Analytics Insights

Our team of Six sigma consultants combined with the latest tools in Data science work towards achieving sustainable business results by - Identifying improvements/problem areas through the usage of statistical models/methods - Enabling data-based decision making

System Architecture Design/Review

Systems need to be designed basis the metrics you need to capture and our system architecture team will do just this for you! Our system architecture review report will suggest potential problem areas in the expansion of metrics basis your revised needs and also recommend the best possible solution to execute the same with the least impact on the current design.


Data Audit Processes

Because of the reliance on Data to make decisions companies need to ensure that there is a continuous review mechanism to ensure the data that is collected are - Relevant (Timely) - Accurate - Investigative metrics are available We audit and also design data audit processes in line with these fundamental objectives.

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